Help reduce the appearance of cellulite with this luxurious contouring cream. This blend of coffee and clinically-proven microalgae extract, smooths skin by targeting fat cells.  Use as an all-over moisturiser or as a targeted treatment.

Size: 147ml


Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream

  • Apply an appropriate amount to cleansed skin.  Apply all over the body or target areas such as back of arms, thighs and/or abdomen. Massage in and leave on. Recommended after exfoliation, shower or body scrub.


    • Stone Crop: anti-inflammatory; regenerative; lightens and moisturises skin
    • Shea Butter: moisturises, revitalises and repairs the skin; high in triglycerides and fatty acids
    • Jojoba Oil: nourishing and hydrating; absorbs well into skin
    • Coffee Extract: source of methylxanthines and caffeine; improves circulation and diminishes fatty tissue to improve the look of cellulite
    • Microalgae Extract: effectively induces thermogenesis through the formation of active adipocytes (fat burning cells); reduces the thickness of fatty tissue to improve the look of cellulite


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